Programme Support SAS

The Programme Support SAS Unit is looking to create three ways in which we can support
section, district and big event programmes with the main emphasis on supporting sections
in Huddersfield North.

Programmes in a Box is a simple idea to provide you with programme ideas and equipment
to make running your weekly section meetings and camps easier. Centred around a theme
each box will provide you with all you need to make your section meetings more exciting. The boxes are described on the district stores booking system.
To get the Progs in a box going we need to know which boxes would be most popular with leaders and we will do those first. To help us do that please complete our online survey to give us your sections thoughts.

Programmes in a Shed is about a group of people coming together to run an activity in the DRC that sections in the District can then book in to over a couple of week period. These will usually be aimed at one section but some may be for more than one. The Progs in a Shed will be advertised on this website and in the Northerner.

Programmes in a Field is the BIG ONE. This where a team will create a single large programme activity that we will visit scout events around the country to put on the activity.

As yet we are not sure what this will be, perhaps you would like to get involved and be part
of the design and making of this or perhaps in running it in the future – see below for

The Programme Support SAS is still very new and needs lots more people to make it happen
Perhaps you are creative or have lots of programme ideas and would like to get involved
with Progs in a Box . Or perhaps you would like to be part of a team that puts on the Progs
in a Shed or even be at the start of making the Prog in a Field.

Email for more information.