50th anniversary: February details

Our challenge for February has two options. The first – Going for Gold – is probably better for Squirrels, Beavers and Cubs. The second option is a Scavenger Hunt and is perhaps better for Scouts and Explorers. But it’s up to you, so if Squirrels want to do the second, or Explorers the first, then that’s fine. If you send us any photos, we might use them on Facebook or the website so only include young people on them if you have permission for them to be included in pictures used in this way.

Going for Gold

This is an indoor based challenge to create items based on the theme of ‘gold’. Which team can create the most stylish article. Or, make it a competition and see which team can create the most things in a set time.

Give the teams variety of materials eg card and paper (could be yellow or gold or provide pens, crayons, paint to colour it), junk (such as cardboard tubes, yoghurt pots, boxes, bits of material) ribbon/string/wool, scissors, glue, staplers etc.

What are they able to create from this list? Send a picture of the creations to us at 50@hnscouts.org.uk and we’ll recognise you for taking part.

  • 5 gold rings
  • Pirates gold
  • Gold medals
  • Gold bullion
  • Golden Bear (Grizzly)
  • Gold cup
  • Gold chain
  • Golden Goose
  • Golden Hind (sailing ship)
  • Golden Retriever
  • Gold crowns
  • Gold tickets (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Golden Compass (Philip Pullman book)
  • Golden gun (man with the Golden Gun

Scavenger Hunt

This is an outdoor based challenge.

Teams have a given time to complete as many tasks as possible with an adult if appropriate. They should take a photo of one or more of their team with each item. Alternatively they could send their photos into a control one at a time and then receive their next clue. All the clues are linked in some way to an anniversary. Send us pictures to 50@hnscouts.org.uk for us to recognise that you’ve taken part. Bonus points for any of the following that are gold (and bonus bonus points for gold post boxes!)

  • Post box (169 years since the first one)
  • Street lamp (230 years since the first one)
  • Speed limit sign (161 years since the first one)    bonus if it has 50 on it
  • Manhole cover (147 years since the first metal one)
  • Bus stop (127 years since the first one)     bonus if there is also a bus in the photo
  • Pub sign (the oldest pub in Huddersfield is 300 years old)
  • Bench to fit the whole team (Greenhead park has lots of benches and is 138 years old)
  • Water hydrant (the first one was in the USA 221 years ago)
  • The oldest tree in the world is 5000 years old. Point to the team that finds the tallest tree
  • Water skiing was invented 100 years ago using wooden boards and a clothes line. Set up your own water skiing photo.
  • A house with the number 50
  • A vehicle number plate containing the number 50
  • It is 50 years since Watership Down was written. A point for every different type of living creature you find and a bonus if you find a golden retriever