Conditions of Use

Conditions for use of District Resources Centre

What is available to borrow?

The DRC provides storage for all manner of equipment that is seen as a District resource under the management of the BART SAS. This includes items to support camping activities, cooking and catering equipment and items to support activities and programme.

A full inventory of items available can be found using the District website link.



How to borrow things

Bookings should only be made by using the District website link. The booking must contain all the information required to allow confirmation. Bookings will be confirmed by email. The BART Stores Team reserves the right to reject bookings where the activity or event is considered inappropriate. 

Equipment will usually only be collected and returned during the District Stores opening times shown on the website. 

 A named contact must be provided to assist communication and ensure that equipment is used by appropriately trained people.


What is expected of the BART Stores Team?

The BART Stores Team will:-

  • will do our best to ensure arrangements are kept to.  A booking may be cancelled or amended in exceptional circumstances.
  • confirm bookings by subsequent email
  • will ensure that equipment for loan will be in a fair and usable condition.


What is expected of the borrower?

Borrowers are expected to:-

  • complete a booking ideally giving at least two weeks notice, for exceptional requests contact the BART Stores Team direct. Details on the District website.
  •  Ensure the equipment is used in line with Scout Association Policy, Organisation and Rules.Note Some items (eg trailers, aerial runway ) require recognised training, permit, license or experience. The borrower must provide appropriate evidence before the booking is confirmed.
  • Ensure that borrowed items remain in good condition and are returned clean and dry and in a condition suitable for placing into storage and available for subsequent loan. If this doesn’t happen the borrower will be expected to dry, clean or otherwise sort it out. Failure to do so may result in a charge for rectification or cleaning.  We recognise accidents do happen and that the weather doesn’t help. Let us know as soon as possible so we can fix it or help you sort it out.
  • if drying space may be required, for example after a camp affected by weather, the DRC space must be booked in advance using the DRC booking link on the District website or contact one of the BART Stores Team for advice.
  • make the BART Stores Team aware, as soon as practicable, of any losses or damage to the borrowed equipment.
  • make every effort to keep to arrangements, date and times etc. for collection and return  of equipment to avoid wasted journeys, delay or expense by BART volunteers.

Remember – Maintaining the condition of District equipment is in the interest of all. If you don’t look after equipment future bookings for individuals or sections may be affected.


Arrangements for collections and returns

Collection and return of items should be made from the DRC premises only after confirmed arrangements via the booking system.

Only requested and approved equipment may be taken. Items visible on the racking and shelving or other areas of the stores must not be taken without prior consent. These other items may be the property of others, required by other borrowers or may be under some restriction preventing their use.

Returns must be left in the designated area to ensure that it is identifiable and available for checking for completeness and condition prior to storage and subsequent use.


Fair condition and usage

It is expected that the borrower will make every effort to maintain the condition of the borrowed equipment being used. Any losses or breakages, accidental or otherwise, should be notified to the BART Stores team to allow repairs to be made or replacements to be found.

With the exception of fair wear and tear, charges may be made in respect of loss or damage to equipment.

There will be occasions when some items may be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case effort will be made to contact the borrower and discuss a suitable replacement where possible.


Charges for using the borrowed equipment

There is no charge for borrowing items from the District Stores however charges will be made for consumables.