Trailer – 10ft

Box Trailer, Ifor Williams

Internal dimensions– 10ft(3.05m)long x5ft(1.53m) wide, height from trailer floor to open roller shutter 5ft 3inch(1.60m), height past open roller shutter, floor to roof 6ft(1.83m)

External dimensions- overall length including A frame 13ft.5inch(4.09m), 7ft 5inch(2.26m) high, 7ft(2.13m) wide

This is a single axle trailer with a rear roller shutter door and a smaller front-loading door. There are shoring poles which help keep loads in place during transit. There are 2 rear corner steadies to be used when loading. Security locks are available

The Maximum Gross weight is 1400kg, the unladen weight 850kg

Persons borrowing the trailer must have the correct licence, a suitable vehicle and be confident towing this type of trailer.





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