Night Hawk Challenge

Teams of 4-7 Scouts and Explorer Scouts navigate an unknown route from checkpoint to checkpoint while avoiding being caught by the teams of Hunters.

We are sorry, but we have had to cancel the Night Hawk Challenge that had been scheduled for 1 April 2022.
Key information about this year’s event

We’re back after two year’s off due to Covid. For those who have taken part before, not too much will change though we may have to make a few tweaks for Covid-safe reasons.

Participants will be required to meet at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Tower Hill, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2EQ. Each team will be given an arrival time and these will be staggered to manage the numbers in the Church. The event finish/base (where participants who retire are taken) will be advised nearer to the date of the challenge, as will details around finish/collection times (but is likely to be no later than 10am on Saturday, 2 April 2022.)

The cost of the event is £12.50 per person and must be paid before 1 April 2022. This is non-refundable. Payments are preferred by bank transfer and you can find our account information here.

How the event works

The winners (in each category) are the team that makes it to the finish during its opening time on the Saturday morning with the least lives lost.

Each team is required to work out its location at the start, and then navigate to the next checkpoint. Teams must be capable of navigating using a map and compass, in the dark, including use of six figure grid-references. Teams will be required to contact Event Control at a given time each hour.

Lives are lost for:

  • being caught by hunters
  • not presenting challenge tally at a checkpoint
  • arriving early or late at a checkpoint
  • not stopping when requested by Hunters
  • a team splitting up (separating)
  • team members retiring
  • failure to contact Event Control when required
  • using GPS or other electronic navigation devices
  • opening the emergency pack
  • rule, clothing or equipment infringements

These rules may be adjusted at the organiser’s discretion, in particular to ensure participant safety. The organiser’s decision is final.

  • teams must be made up of at least 4 and not more than 7 members of the Scout Association from the Scout or Explorer Scout sections
  • participants must be aged between 11 years and 6 months and 17 years on the day of the event
  • teams with 2 or more members aged 14 or over will complete the longer ‘Explorer Route’
  • each participant is required to have completed an online health form and will not be allowed to take part without doing so
  • participants must carry or wear specified clothing and equipment
  • participants must record special instructions given to them before departure at the event briefing¬†
  • participants are required to be respectful of residents, especially during the hours of darkness
  • personal equipment is not covered by Scout insurance and the organisers cannot be held liable for any loss or damage
  • the Scout Law and the Country Code must be adhered to
Rules on clothing and equipment
  • each person on the challenge must wear or carry the following items at all times:
    • long trousers (not denim or cotton)
    • warm jumper
    • hiking boots with good grip and ankle support (walking trainers/approach shoes are not adequate)
    • substantial waterproof jacket with hood
    • waterproof over-trousers
    • spare warm jumper
    • gloves and hat
    • torch with spare bulb and spare batteries
    • survival bag (orange)
    • high-energy rations
    • mug
    • spoon
    • whistle
    • first aid kit
    • spare set of socks for boots
    • notepad and pencil
    • fully charged power bank

  • each team member
    • must wear and display reflective tape (provided by the event)
    • must wear and present when asked their challenge tally (provided)
    • should bring a small, named, rucksack with dry clothing and footwear to change into at the end of the challenge#

  • each team must carry the following items at all times:
    • two (2) silva-type compasses
    • one (1) sleeping bag in a waterproof bag
    • two (2) OL21 laminated maps
    • catch tally (provided by the event)
    • emergency pack (provided by the event)
    • a mobile phone the number of which has been registered with the event and that has WhatsApp and What3Words installed on it. This is to be provided at their own risk and cost and be provided when registering.